Long Term & Swing Trading – Learn to trade like Smart Money and Build Wealth in the Stock Market

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In this course we will teach you how to trade like institutions and smart money and over the long term, build serious wealth in the stock market. This course will provide you a foundation understanding of stocks and their fundamentals and provide the technical analysis framework to help you find perfect entries and help you manage your risk with each trade. Trading over the long term is a high probability and winning strategy and this course will help you start or enhance your journey.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to build wealth by investing & trading stocks.
  • Learn how compound interest can make you wealthy.
  • Understand the basics about stocks how they are broken down.
  • Understand how investors make decisions.
  • Understand fundamental analysis and how it can help select stocks that are likely to win.
  • Understand how to pick Growth Stocks.
  • Understand how to rotate money between Value Stocks.
  • Understand how to invest in Dividend Stocks.
  • Learn how to properly trade IPO's and SPAC's.
  • Understand how to properly use Technical Analysis
  • Learn the core tools of Technical Analysis.
  • Learn how price context and Market Structure works.
  • Learn how to effectively trade a Trending stock.
  • Learn how to manage risk with your trades.
  • Learn how to manage your portfolio.

Topics for this course

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Primer on Stocks and Trading

Fundamental Analysis

Technical Analysis

Portfolio Management

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This course is awesome! Great for beginners. It not only clearly explains concepts clearly but also provides a bunch of real-life examples of implementing these concepts.

With the ever-increasing popularity of retail investing, it seems like everyone and their mother has become a “guru” trying to peddle their latest courses on how to get rich quick. This course is far from that. It covers a breadth of information on the fundamentals of investing in the stock market. The videos are succinct but still cover the topics in enough detail that they can be understood by anyone. The quizzes at the end of each section ensure the student knows key concepts.

One may think that it is not necessary to pay $250 for a course when there are free resources available online. That may be correct, but “time is money.” It could take days to weeks to independently find all of the information covered in this course. All that time is time that one could be using to build their investment portfolio. As covered in the course, compounding interest is your friend, and the sooner you start investing, the better.

After taking some beatings in the market in March, I decided to invest in this course and I'm glad I did. The instructor does a great job of breaking down all the concepts and makes it easy to understand. The videos are well done. They're straight forward, concise, and get the point across. The course is organized really well so I can easily go back to a specific topic whenever I need to. The stock market can be brutal if you don't know what you're doing (trust me), but this course will give you the skills to be successful.

Excellent course. It pays for itself 10x over just like the membership for Simba stocks. I have grown tremendously thanks to Simba

Vinny breaks down his analysis is the simplest form. If you have no idea what the stock market is about, this course is for you. If you have some information but can’t fully grasp the concept, this course is for you. Even if you’ve been trading for a few years, such as myself, this course is still for you! Vinny’s insight into his technical and fundamental analysis has helped me out so much these past few weeks. Best part, you can always go back and refresh your memory as well.

This course is absolutely top notch. It covers everything you need to know at a basic comprehension level. One of the best parts about the course are the topics being broken down into several shorter videos. This makes it extremely easy to pause, take notes, and rewind things that don't click the first time. I have several buddies who bought other courses, for similar price, that are not nearly as thorough and detailed as this course. This is the absolute package and I feel 10x more confident in my understanding of the market.

Wow... This course is divided into multiple sections. In-depth explanations in each section will help you understand each topic clearly. All your basic to high levels questions like stocks, supply, and demand, pricing, terms, analysis, types of stocks are answered. This is better than Netflix Binge Watching. Can’t wait to start the second course.

I was never a great learner in school, i was always distracted but this course has me engaged and listening. I have never been so interested in the topics. Not sure why i went to college, really, this is the stepping stone to proper gains. Don't spend your money on a degree, invest it in the market and in these courses, the understanding in stocks will take you higher than any degree.

The course is awesome. As a beginner trader I have learned an extensive amount of knowledge and would highly recommend anyone to purchase the bundle!

I have been a long term investor for a little over 3 years now, and WOW does this course open new perspectives moving forward in my stock selection process. This course is great for all investors new or experienced. Vinny's clear explanation of the material makes the course that much more enjoyable, and easily digestible.

legit.!! i joined group and this course is perfect to do to learn at your pace!. must buy!. swoop the bundle!.

Vinny has made this course as simple as possible for new traders to learn. It’s worth every penny you invested in this course. Fundamental and Technical analysis are explained in layman terms with examples.

This is a very through course that covers stocks and trading from the very basic fundamentals to advanced analysis, portfolio management and more. Vinny's advice is clear, his knowledge is vast, the course offering is sound. This was my first stock course and I feel that I've learned a lot and will be a better trader going forward. I likely watch the videos a few more times to continue to learn and grow.

This course will definitely have a positive impact on my long-term trading strategy, it dives into topics that aren't usually talked about in other courses I have bought so it will be a great reference to go back to. Most helpful sections for me was "Fundamental Analysis" and "Price Anatomy of a trend." The class is easy to learn and many important concepts were covered. Worth every cent, Thank you V!

I’m going to be as authentic as possible, all I can say is WOW!. I’m honestly starstruck by the structure of the course. I’m only sixteen years old and I had purchased a course previous to this one. At first it was good but after finishing it I realised that everything provided in the course was information I had discovered myself. However when I saw Simbastocks post that they were releasing a course I refunded my previous course and preordered the long term/ swing trading course and technical analysis course. I should probably stop typing cause I’m going to get carried away but the course has everything I imagined a proper course to be with proper explanations and quizzes to test your knowledge. I’d like to thank everyone who worked on the course cause now I’m going to be sitting at the top of the moon.

Gandalf (Vinny) has created a course that any level of investor can benefit from. If you are just starting out and know little to nothing at all, then he will guide with every step. If you happen to already have extensive experience, then this course will shed light upon the nuances of trading you might have overlooked. The amount of knowledge available in this course is worth well more than what its worth and with it you can make much much more. I would 100% recommend this course to every single person contemplating buying it. JUST BUY IT ALREADY SO YOU DONT LOSE MONEY TO THE MARKET INSTEAD!!

Its a great course for beginners and those that have been trading for awhile. It is clear that Gandalf is proficient in the subject but more importantly, he has explained the concepts clearly and in a way that makes the material easy to understand. I am very happy with the course and look forward to continue learning the fundamentals and technicals to be a better overall trader. Don't hesitate on purchasing the course. Five stars is well deserved.

Definitely worth the money! Anyone who is just beginning or well polished in their trading skills will get a lot out of this course. Thank you Vinny for the amazing course!

This course is for anyone and everyone. Whether you want to start saving for retirement, build a dividend portfolio for passive income, or are just tired of your money depreciating in a regular bank account, you will benefit from purchasing this fat free, straight-to-the-point course. It will show you exactly how to screen for and decide which stocks to put your money into for the long run, how to manage your portfolio over time, how to track your investments like a business, and will overall prepare you to become a confident and independent investor. The best time to obtain this knowledge was 2 weeks ago when it came out, the second best time is NOW! STOP WINDOW SHOPPING FOR COURSES AND START PUTTING YOUR MONEY TO WORK FOR YOU WITH THIS ONE!

Great knowledge, I have followed vinny in simba stocks, this was a great way to learn what type of trades he looks for and takes!

It's just brilliant. This course itself have enough info to start investing yourself like a-b-c. Find a company/ Read chart/ Collect your gainzz. Highly recommend for beginners. I started trading 3 month ago and this coursework help me find all my weak spots. Can't wait for all courses.
I wanna say HUGE thank you to everyone who was working on this course!
Also simba stocks admins The BEST!!

Thanks for this Vinny! You break it down so easily for any new trader to understand.

I would also like to thank @GM Gandalf Motors CEO - Admin for his amazing course. He truly shared alot of important knowledge there. I thoroughly enjoyed it, i thought it wasn't too overbearing, and the small videos make it easier to blast through it. I believe the end "putting it all together" really was outstanding content. I also took many notes on how he screens tickers, and on how to find the perfect entry on the chart side of things. You are indeed very knowledgeable sir, and I thank you. P.S. cannot wait for the scalping course!!!!

A very clear and thorough investing course. Vinny very precisely breaks down every step of the long term investing process and provides an end to end strategy on how to evaluate stocks, plan a trade, and trade a plan. Ultimately, the stock market is a very unpredictable place, but the topics and strategies laid out in this course will certainly put you in the best position to succeed. I was very impressed with Vinny's knowledge of the market and his ability to clearly communicate the topics at hand. Overall a great course and I highly recommend to anyone interested in learning more about investing!

The most authentic investing course I've seen myself. Vinny uses his years of experience to create a well structured, easy to understand, and in depth course that I think traders and investors of all types should review. Being experienced in the markets myself I can say this is probably one of the best online trading learning resources you could sign up for and I think you're missing out especially if you're newer to trading and not taking this course.

If you're completely new to trading, before even funding your account you need to purchase the course. If you've been struggling with being a profitable trader, preserve your capital and invest in yourself by purchasing this course. If you've been killing the market, then you especially need to purchase this course and start letting compound interest work for all those tendies. If you’re considering doing 1 on 1s, I would highly recommend purchasing this course first, you’ll gain more this way. I'm not here to blow smoke up anyone's ass or hype of this course, but in all honesty it's definitely worth the purchase. Gandalf did an amazing job providing a literal roadmap/blueprint from A to Z on how the stock market operates, and the best way to invest in the market. Not only does he provide knowledge on long term investing, but consistently throughout the course he’s dropping gems on how to apply the same concepts to other styles of trading such as day trades and scalps. I don't think that was his intention, but hey I'll take all the free Gandalf knowledge I can get lol. Learning is part of the game, and there’s no way around that. You can either choose to invest in this course and immediately receive positive ROI, or make the same mistake I made when I started and blow +10x what this course evens cost.

Vinny's knowledge & clear explanation of the stock market makes it so easy to digest & understand. This is the type of coursework that I wish was available to me years ago when I first started trading shares in the stock market.

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