Technical Analysis: An In-Depth Guide to Reading Charts & Increasing Your Win Rate

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In this course you will learn both beginner and advanced technical analysis and how to successfully read charts like a professional. Provided is a complete guide with multiple strategies on how to time entries and exits in the markets. This course will help you understand specific buy or sell signals and greatly improve your trading win percentage to generate additional income and long term wealth.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to generate additional income
  • Learn how to read charts
  • Learn different trading strategies
  • Learn how markets move and react
  • Learn how to plan and execute trades
  • Learn how to time trade entries and exits

Topics for this course

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The Basics

Support & Resistance

Price Action & Market Structure

Chart Patterns

Fibonacci Levels


Additional Resources

Bringing It All Together


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This course is a great breakdown of TA for all traders but especially beginners. It is simply explained while still using the most probable setups and techniques. I would recommend this course to any trader.

loved everything from A-Z phong explained everything so well and simple along with his examples

This helped me so much with understanding TA better. Phong you beauty!

Every trader, new or old to trading, starters or even advance traders should have this to better understand trading. Once you go through these you understand more in depth and recap all you know with you this course as in it.
Highly recommended to get this.
Blindly following or hoping in not trading but knowing how to trade is Trading.
Really appreciate the admins for it.

I would first like to thank Phong for this outstanding course. The way Phong explains TA is simple, yet incredibly insightful. I honestly believe that he should write a kids book on TA because I would love to purchase it for my daughter. The course is easy to digest. Phong makes every lesson smooth and clear. I also truly enjoyed his view of the market, and how he even takes algorithms into account for every trade. I sincerely believe this is one of the top two courses I have ever taken (and it's not two,no offense to anyone) and I just want to say cheers to Phong, and I would love to attend an in-person course next!