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Trade Like a Pro with Stocks Auto Trade Package! Here’s How to Start:



This is our package for our AutoTrader Subscription. Our goal is to let you sit back and let us be the ones analyzing the charts and the market day in and out to provide you profits. We aim to make 10% or more monthly gains and use a medium to high reward strategy while only risking a small amount per trade. High R:R (Risk to Reward) setups are our specialty and we want all of our clients and members to feel safe in our hands.

Auto trading allows you to trade in financial markets with minimal effort and earn a significant return on investment. Since the automated trading system will handle trades for you, you can avoid the hassle of strategizing, monitoring, and managing trades yourself.


This package will give you an invite to our AutoTrader and our separate Slack just for the AutoTrader within 24 hours. Keep in mind there is also a $49.99 fee monthly to signup with the program itself which doesn’t go to us at all.


We recommend 30k+ for the best results deposited into your account to balance any trading fees or slippage. After you subscribe here, within 24 hours you will receive an invite to the AutoTrader platform as well and be allowed to create a profile with us. From there it will take 3-5 days to get setup and link your account to the AutoTrader.

2x means you will need 60k+ in account and 3x means you will need 90k+.




$30k+ Margin Account on InteractiveBrokers
Enable the following:

  • Futures
  • Options
  • Stocks
  • Complex Leveraged ETFs



Get Our AutoTrader Subscription

Our AutoTrader allows you to sit back and reap the rewards of investing in the financial market. How? After you subscribe, our experts will analyze and trade the market on your behalf, providing you with profits.

This is similar to having a traditional brokerage service, but is more hands-free. All you have to do is check your trading account and watch your investment grow. Our monthly target is 10% growth, and we use a medium-risk strategy that ensures that only a small amount of your investment is ever at risk.


How Much Money Can I Invest with the AutoTrader?

The minimum to start is $15,000, but we recommend starting with at least $30,000. If you want to deposit more, it has to be in increments of $15,000. So for example, 3x would require $45,000, and 4x would require a $60,000 minimum deposit.

The trades made remain the same, but the lot size gets increased.


What is Automated Trading?

Before the advent of online trading, you needed brokers to invest in stocks. Most brokers during this period provided services via the phone and charged high commissions.

These days, brokers offer more affordable and accessible services, but the typical broker does not provide investment advice or portfolio management. That means it’s up to you to come up with trading strategies to make money. Active traders must also constantly monitor the market to determine the best time to enter and exit trades.

Being solely responsible for such investment decisions is a big hassle for anyone who doesn’t know anything about technical/fundamental analysis, or even trading options. If you have zero trading experience and want to enter the financial market and make the best investment choices, our AutoTrader automated trading system can help.

Traditional automated trading systems use aggregated data and algorithms to create predefined parameters or preset rules for entering and exiting trades. Our AutoTrader package leverages our experienced trading team, and they capitalize on market opportunities in real-time.


The AutoTrader Process

As mentioned, the AutoTrader leverages our team of experienced traders. When they enter a trade, the system automatically executes the same trades in your portfolio.

What does that mean? Instead of sitting in front of a computer all day and developing and testing your own investment and trade execution strategy, all of this is executed on your behalf. You don’t have to lift a single finger.

Furthermore, this process is absolutely seamless with an Interactive Brokers account. Everything is routed in microseconds, and it’s like trading the market live, with you entering and exiting trades in real-time.

To get started, you need an AutoTrader subscription. After subscribing, you will receive an invite in your email. The invite will contain a link to create an AutoTrader account. If you don’t find the email in your inbox, check your spam or junk folder.

Click on Join Site in the email, and the link will direct you to a page to create a password for your account. After saving your password, log into your AutoTrader account with your newly created credentials. On the homepage of your account, you will see your AutoTrader information, including paid fees and completed trades.

On the left panel of the page, click on Open Broker Account. You will see your available broker options, but we recommend using Interactive Brokers (IB).

After adding your broker account, navigate to your dashboard. You will see that your account is working and connected to the current running trading strategy. Click Live, select your broker (Interactive Brokers), and click Next Step.

Enter your IB account number on the next page and make sure the account is:

  • An individual cash account if you are depositing over $30,000
  • An Interactive Brokers Pro account

After adding your IB account, you need to pay the $49 fee to access the AutoTrader platform. After payment, you can set your auto trading parameters under AutoTrade settings. Unless instructed otherwise, we recommend leaving the Stop-Loss parameters on default.

However, you can change the AutoTrade scaling parameters if you are depositing more than $15,000. If you are investing $30,000, increase the scaling to 200%. For $45,000, increase the scaling to to 300%. Also, leave the Don’t Join Trades in Progress setting on.

Under Trade Management, switch to modify and select stocks, futures, and options. Choose Allow Sort Options, then click Turn on AutoTrade. After completing this process, your account will start receiving trade alerts as AutoTrader executes its strategies.

Note that when you link your IB account, you will need to fill out some forms. These will authorize the AutoTrader to execute trades on your account. Completing this verification process may take 1-3 business days.

After receiving an approval notification in your email, you can visit your AutoTrader dashboard to view all the trades made!


Other Things to Know About the AutoTrader

The AutoTrader essentially provides you with a live trading account controlled by our experts at Simba Stocks. After depositing funds and creating an auto trading account on our site, we will copy our live trades to your account.

Unlike other autotrading systems, we do not rely solely on algorithms to place trades. Instead, we make investment decisions based on years of proven market experience.

If you want to occasionally be a little more hands on, you can also adjust your stops and risk at any time.


Trading Options on AutoTrader

We don’t offer regal securities, real estate, and similar investment products on the AutoTrader. Instruments that may be traded with our automated system include:


1. Futures

A futures contract is an agreement to buy or sell an asset at an agreed price and before the expiration of a given date. When the agreed date arrives, the seller must provide the item at the agreed price, regardless of the item’s current market value.

The asset may be oil, soybeans, currency futures, stocks, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, mutual funds, or other physical commodities or financial instruments.

Pros of trading futures include:

  • Price Speculation: Investors can speculate on an underlying asset’s price direction. If the price goes up after entering the futures contract, the buyer will profit.
  • Low Cost of Entry: You only need to deposit a fraction of the contract’s value to enter a futures contract.
  • Impressive Returns: The returns on a futures contract can be substantial.

However, investing in futures isn’t risk-free. Below are some of the cons of trading futures.

  • High Risk: If the price of the asset falls, the investor may lose a lot.
  • Leverage Issues: If the leverage is high, it can lead to rapid fluctuations in the prices of futures.
  • Volatility: There are no guarantees that the asset’s price will be in your favor after the contract expires.


2. Options

An option contract gives you the right to buy or sell an asset at an agreed price and date. It’s similar to a futures contract, but unlike futures, you can choose not to buy or sell when the contract expires.

Another difference is you have to pay a premium upfront cost when you enter the contract. If you opt-out of the contract, you will forfeit the paid premium.

Pros of investing in an option contract include:

  • Flexibility: Options are flexible enough to support various profit and risk management strategies.
  • Cost Efficient: Options trades cost less than investing in an asset outright. For example, you can enter a real estate option contract at a lower price if you can’t afford to buy the property outright.
  • High Return Potential: Trading share options can offer higher percentage returns than buying shares on cash.
  • Lower Risk: You only risk losing the premium paid to buy the option.

Disadvantages of trading with options include:

  • Less Liquidity: Depending on the asset, you may have limited entry and exit points.
  • High Commissions: The fees for buying and selling options can be higher than trading stocks or futures.
  • Time Decay: As the expiration date of the contract approaches, an option’s value will decrease.


Forex Trading

Forex trading involves buying and selling currencies with the aim of profiting. Due to these advantages, it is one of the most popular trading options among active traders:

  • Easy Access: Thanks to online forex trading systems, anyone can become a forex trader with little capital.
  • Quick Returns: Exiting trades is fast and easy, meaning you can earn profits quickly and have your earnings deposited into your bank account.
  • Less Chance of Market Manipulation: Unlike stocks, the forex market is less vulnerable to manipulations by individuals and corporations.
  • Cost Efficiency: The fees for trading forex are wallet-friendly.
  • Less Restrictive Tax Rules: The laws covering FX trading are less restrictive.
  • Around the Clock Trading: The FX market never sleeps, meaning currency trading never stops.

FX trading does have some downsides, such as:

  • Monitoring World Events: War, natural disaster, regime change, new laws, and various other market conditions can influence the rise and fall of a currency’s value. Traders need to constantly monitor news regarding the countries of the currencies they trade.
  • Scams: Several scam forex trading sites are out there.
  • Volatility: Due to how market conditions affect FX volatility, it isn’t ideal for long-term trading.



Stocks are a popular way to diversify one’s portfolio and build wealth. Stock trading involves buying and selling shares in a company. Once you buy the shares, you automatically own a piece of that company. To make a profit, you must buy stocks when the price is low and sell when the price rises.

Pros of trading stocks include:

  • Easy to Buy and Sell: You can trade stocks online within minutes. Some online brokers even offer commission-free trading.
  • Numerous Options: Several types of stocks are available, allowing you to choose your preferred options for short or long-term stock trades.
  • Double Income: While holding stocks, you can earn dividends. If you sell the same stocks at the right time, you can earn a profit.
  • Easy Entry: You can start trading stocks with just a small amount of money.
  • Huge Returns: The value of a company’s shares can go to the moon within days or months of launching their initial public offer.

On the downside:

  • Volatility: Various market conditions influence the stock market and make it unpredictable. You could lose your entire investment if the economy crumbles or the company gets some bad press.
  • Emotionally Tasking: The constant rise and fall in stock prices may be more than some individuals can handle emotionally.
  • Market Manipulation: Some companies willfully manipulate their share prices. It’s illegal, but it still happens.


Complex Leveraged ETFs

A complex leveraged exchange-traded fund (ETF) uses financial derivatives and debt to amplify your potential returns. Like stocks, you can easily access and trade ETFs. If trading goes your way, you can earn amplified returns from investing in leveraged ETFs. However, if it doesn’t, you will experience amplified losses.


Why You Should Use the AutoTrader

Most traders are solely responsible for evaluating the merits and risks of an investment before making a move. Traders who want to avoid this burden hire a broker that can provide them with investment advice or other experts that can provide useful legal advice. With an automated trading system, you can leave the decision making to experts who understand the market and how to leverage it for profit,

With the AutoTrader, we have real people with real experience making profitable trades. Here are more reasons to use our automated trading platform:

  • High-Value Service: If you make a mistake during a trade, you can lose your entire investment. Instead of using an untested or half-baked trading strategy, leverage our pros to reduce your risk of losing money. We use proven trading strategies to net profitable trades and safeguard our clients’ wealth.
  • No More FOMO: Incorrect or incomplete information can lead to a wrong investment decision. It can also delay trade execution, leading to missing a particular investment opportunity. The AutoTrader takes away this burden from you and places it on our battle-tested team of traders.
  • Superior System Performance: Our AutoTrader platform is so user-friendly you only need to set it up and reap the rewards. The plug-and-play setup means that you don’t need to learn any programming language or investment skills to make money with it. Having your trades executed automatically also allows you to make money around the clock without lifting a finger.
  • Sound Investment Recommendations: Our experienced traders are masters at both technical and fundamental analysis, and have been in the game for decades.
  • Cold-Calculated Investments: Emotional trading involves making irrational investment decisions for sentimental reasons. The AutoTrader completely eliminates this from the equation.
  • Fast and Accurate Trade Execution: Day trading involves purchasing and selling securities within a single trading day. With our autotrading service, you can complete more day trades faster and with better results.
  • Ease of Diversification: Since the auto trading platform handles the entire trading process, you don’t have to learn how to trade each instrument.


How to Choose an Automated Trading Program

In our opinion, the top things to keep in mind are: profitability, ease of use, affordable subscription, and solid alerts and reports. We’ve designed the AutoTrader to reflect all of these to give you the most peace of mind, least amount of stress, and greatest profitability.


Are Automated Trading Systems Legal?

As long as you are in the United States of America and trading under US law, automated trading is as legal as any other type of trading. Automated trading is also legal in the UK and most of Europe. However, if the automated system relies solely on an algorithm, US law requires that the system have a circuit breaker.

Circuit breakers are regulatory measures that temporarily pause algorithm trading if panic selling occurs. The requirement came into force after a flash crash occurred on March 6, 2010. The crash triggered panic selling by trading algorithms.

Some developing countries have expressed the idea that automated trading is an illegal cheat code for beating the system and getting rich. That’s like comparing automating a production line or filing taxes to cheating. Automation is nothing more than a necessary evolution that man developed to prevent waste and simplify and improve the accuracy of processes. Thanks to the AutoTrader, you can now apply that automation to trading and making money.


Set Up Your AutoTrader Account Today!

If you want to avoid the suits, costs, bureaucracy, and all the other hassles associated with trading stonks yourself, our AutoTrader might be a good fit for you.

Get the only affordable hassle-free auto trading service that allow you to reap the benefits of investing in multiple assets without having to jump through hoops. Elevate your trading experience and purchase an AutoTrader subscription today!

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