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$500.00 / month



This is our package for our AutoTrader Subscription. Our goal is to let you sit back and let us be the ones analyzing the charts and the market day in and out to provide you profits. We aim to make 10% or more monthly gains and use a medium to high reward strategy while only risking a small amount per trade. High R:R (Risk to Reward) setups are our specialty and we want all of our clients and members to feel safe in our hands.


This package will give you an invite to our AutoTrader and our separate Slack just for the Autotrader within 24 hours. Keep in mind there is also a $49.99 fee monthly to signup with the program itself which doesn’t go to us at all.


We recommend 15k+ for the best results deposited into your account to balance any trading fees or slippage. After you subscribe here, within 24 hours you will receive an invite to the autotrader platform as well and be allowed to create a profile with us. From there it will take 3-5 days to get setup and link your account to the autotrader.

2x means you will need 30k+ in account and 3x means you will need 45k+


What is the Autotrader? :

Watch our Youtube Video on setup here:


Please do not hesistate to reach out to us with any questions on our Instagram or Contact form here 

15k+  Cash Account on InteractiveBrokers
Enable the following:

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Strategy Selection

Final Fight X, Simba Lato x2, Simba Lato x3


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