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Hello and welcome to the trading family here at Simba Stocks! We are so happy that you have decided to join us and further your learning and advancement with trading! In order to have the best experience possible, we ask that you please read the list of rules below as well as understand the channels in Slack!

When you have finished reading these rules please go to our Training Section!

General Rules

  1. Start off here by watching this video for the onboarding process and familiarizing yourself with the slack interface and how we work via my video link: Simba Stocks Intro Video

  2. Sign up for a Tastyworks *INDIVIDUAL CASH* account via the link below
    Signup Referral Link:

  3. Don’t reply to topics in channels by creating another topic – create a thread, and reply that way. It keeps the channel clean and organized.

  4. There are certain channels where topic creation is limited to a few select individuals (usually Admins). Please check the channel header at the top of each channel before posting. A summary of these is below. Some are locked for only level 2/3 members and you must message @Shred – Admin   or @Taite Foley – Assistant to the Regional Manager to be added upon joining the group

  5. Don’t be a dick.

Slack Channel List

#1k-10k-gandalf-legolas-challenge – Our $1000 to $10k challenge! (Only admin can post a topic. Members stick to threads)
#announcements – where we announce new features in the group or anything of importance
#1k-10k-gandalf-legolas-challenge – Our $1000 to $10k Challenge with  Brett and Gandalf (Vinny) 
#cryptochat – any and everything crypto talk
#cryptosignals – crypto signals for our level 2/3 members – please pm an Admin or post in #newmembers  if you’d like an invite (Only admin can post a topic. Members stick to threads)
#feedback – post any feedback about the group. Positive? Negative? Suggestions? Let us know it all!
#level3room – discussion and signals for our level 3 members as well as the place to schedule your weekly lessons
#futureschat – where we chat about futures
#futuresignals – where we post signals for futures (Only admin can post a topic. Members stick to threads)
#longtermportfolio – Where we post trades that we are putting in our long term investing portfolios (Only admin can post a topic. Members stick to threads)
#marketupdates – overall stock market updates will be posted every so often in this channel
#membersignals – signals from members will be posted here but are NOT vetted by admins unless confirmed in the thread
#newmembers – where you start out and can ask basic questions. Please leave this channel after you are done being a noob!
#pennyplays – where we have penny stock plays for buying and short selling
#postyourgains – post your gains from the day or week or month!
#publicchat – post memes, talk shit, do whatever! No business here!
#questions – where you can ask any questions for us or members to answer
#scanner – where you can watch our alerts live and check the charts to react to them
#stockchat – all stock chat and references to finds can be posted here
#stocknews – different from the chat, this will be mainly for news articles and FA
#swingsignals- level 2/3 members swing or week trades we signal that aren’t typically scalps or sold the same day. (Only admin can post a topic. Members stick to threads)
#technicalanalysis – where you can post a chart and get feedback on it to crosscheck your own TA or if you want to have an admin do some TA!
#tradeideas – Where every signal is given that is mostly a scalp (daytrade)! ADMIN POST ONLY
#tradermistakes – where you post your mistakes to get some good criticism!

Trading Rules

1. Risk management is how you KEEP making money. Stick to your stoplosses if you are doing your own trades. Our group uses STRICT rules of 10% of your max account per trade. I personally use 3-5% mostly. For instance, if you have $1000, the maximum amount you should use for a trade on your own is $100. Trust us on this as it will save you from blowing up your account. Also a stoploss of -50% is standard here but sometimes we have reasons to hold past them. I recommend watching the #trainingvideos for more information

2. DO NOT CHASE SIGNALS If you miss a signal, please ask if it is still valid to get in. A rule of thumb is to enter if it is within 1-5% of the entry price. For instance lets say we enter a signal at 1.60, aka $160, that means the maximum amount you should pay more is 5% or $8 more. There will always be more signals if you miss one. Patience is your friend, and not having a position is sometimes the best position!

3. Size your trade according to the breakdown Brett gives you, based on your overall account size.

4. We can’t predict the future and not every trade is going to be a winning one. We may even have a string of losses, but overall we’ve been right far more than wrong. Stick with us, and let’s all grow our accounts together exponentially!